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Wedding Shoes - The Secret of Attraction

All we care about while dressing up and grooming ourselves is how we look and how our face looks. Using expensive creams and spending almost half of the salary on cosmetics is like old habit of girls[...]

Wedding Shoes – Styles and Colours

Have you selected your wedding theme, wedding outfit, bridesmaid dresses, and all the other stuff? Do not forget to pay attention to one of the most important parts of dress, which is the footwear th[...]

The Year of the Visible Wedding Shoes

On a normal day finding the right pair of shoes is a hassle, on your wedding day it’s a nightmare. Most brides are caught up in favors and decorations’, making sure that the theme of their wedding is[...]

Pick the Perfect Wedding Shoes

As you’re planning your wedding ensemble, you’ve certainly given some thought to what you’ll wear on your feet, and whether you’ll sacrifice the function of your footwear for the form it takes.  Of c[...]

Purple wedding theme

Purple has become very popular in weddings. This is simply because it is such a great color that symbolizes a royalty. It is also quite attractive and luxurious for a wedding theme. With the versatil[...]

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