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Laugh Your Gut Off By Trying Some Great April Fools Jokes

April fool day might not be fun for everyone but for people who know how to make the most of every moment of their lives sure know the worth of 1st April. April fool’s day is the time when you get to[...]

April Fools Day Ideas to Play the Best Prank Ever

April first is just about to come and this day actually means that you can play funny pranks to make a fool of your closed ones! There is no need for deciding that out of all the April fools day idea[...]

The best april fools day ideas for everyone

Areyou seeking to venture onto magnificent april fun? April fools day ideas  will help you  feel  confident. As you mayknow, not everyone looks like a celebrity. Because you are not ha[...]

Great April Fools Jokes To Spread Naughtiness

1st April is desperately waiting to hit our calendars because it has already waited almost a year to bombard the naughty pranks on us. You must be bored of the lazy, boring and decent life of yours a[...]

Mischievous and Funny April Fools Day Jokes

April fool is the day to spread fun all around you and April fool spent without planning any prank is like wasting a grand day of naughtiness and enjoyment. If you think that you have gone really bor[...]

Hilarious and naughty April fools day ideas

Naughtiness derives out the real charm of life because if you haven’t done anything naughty in your life up till now then you haven’t lived it actually. Naughtiness can make you get scolded by someon[...]

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