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Your Knowledge Bank For Mexican Themed Weddings

You can now experience the customs of one place at an all together different location. This is possible if you arrange or attend a wedding based on the theme which showcases the tradition of a place other than your hometown. For an example, it is common among the couples in American or Australia or Canada to stage Mexican themed weddings for their special day.

Here are some facts of Mexican themed weddings which they incorporate in their wedding at America, England or any place other than Mexico: Mexican Wedding Dresses Mantilla veil, or a Flamenco style dress is common attire for the brides in Mexico. Whereas, matadorian outfit which includes tight fitting trousers and a bolero jacket is common for Mexican grooms. Mexican Food Chicken, beef, and tortilla dishes show the love affair of Mexicans with food. They also love to serve spicy rice and beans with sangria, white wine and soda water to their guests at the wedding. Mexican Music Arranging finest music is a part of marriage preparation. Flamenco guitar music is the played at Mexican weddings. Guests at Mexican themed weddings also enjoy the salsa and meringue music if played live for them.

Mexican Wedding Dance As per the tradition in Mexico, money dance is popular in weddings. In this, the male guests pay a generous amount to the bride to dance with her. Mexican Weddings Significant Symbols 13 gold coins are very significant in Mexican themed weddings. These 13 gold coins are known as arras and are blessed by a priest. The number 13 is the representation of Christ and his 12 apostles. In Mexico, the groom gives thirteen gold coins to the bride as a symbol of trust. He places these coins into the cupped hands of bride. By offering the coins the groom places his trust on his wife and takes the promise to share all the responsibilities with her. The coins symbolize the grooms pledge to be a good support for his bride. The bride accepts the coin and by accepting them she pronounces her confidence and trust in her groom. The Mexican weddings start with the tradition of presenting the 13 coins to the priest for him to bless the coins. After the priest blesses the coins, these are passed on to the best man who holds them for the remainder of the ceremony till the time comes when groom is to hand over the coins to the bride.

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