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Yellow and Purple Wedding Theme

Purple wedding theme gives best and new look to your wedding, if you want to use it as a single color or you can blend another color too such as yellow and purple theme. The shade of purple and yellow as a basic theme is extravagant and different from the normal way of marriages. Pick yellow and purple flowers and make some bouquets. At reception put two bouquets and say the elegant thanks to your guests by giving them a single flower of purple then yellow and so on. If you are using purple vase, use yellow flower in it.

Yellow and purple wedding theme

In bridal dress you can use the lightest shade of both colors because in fabrics these colors form great combination and look nice. Light purple long maxi with light yellow lace is ideal for bride outfit. Select diamond necklace set with long earrings to complete your personality. Shoes of bridal would be in the sandal form with high heel having diamonds on it. Hand bag that bride uses will be the same as the shoes color and design, diamond will also place on it. The bride will not hang the bag on her shoulder, she will take in hand.

Yellow and purple wedding theme 1

If possible use two colors tablecloths on the table but if not available does not matter use the purple as the base cover. Take yellow net and cover the purple color table cover the look which you will get by the combination of them will be outstanding and your guest will definitely praise of your creativity. Similarly, decorate chairs with yellow covers and tie with purple ribbon. You will use purple and yellow ribbon for tying the biggest bouquet too that is prepared for bride. Groom will select lightest yellow wedding theme shirt with purple tie and pant and he will look like a prince.

Yellow and purple wedding theme 2

The sitting arrangement of bride and groom will be decorated by the purple and yellow original flowers like sunflower, lilacs, freesias, purple hyacinth, yellow tulips and Gerber daisies. The coiffure of flowers on the bridal stage will be done by a professional of flower arrangement. In the background you can use purple and yellow shade theme to make your party unforgettable for you and the guests. Improve interests of participants by adding any indoor game such as to tell jokes, tips for the successful married life etc. Yellow and purple wedding theme is really a unique and sober theme that creates very attractive environment.

Yellow and purple wedding theme 3

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