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World’s Best Wedding Cake Themes

Choosing a wedding cake is very easy as there are wide varieties of cakes available to choose from. You need to create a firm design in your mind and then decide on what kind of cake you want for your wedding theme. Wedding cake themes are always the most beautiful element of wedding. Sometimes Simple wedding cake themes work because they are easy to create and save lots of time for the wedding couple to decide. Cakes decorated with just ribbons, flowers or pearls look great. Some of the simple wedding cake themes can be:-

  • Square wedding cakes
  • Mini wedding cakes
  • Doughnut wedding cakes
  • Cheese wedding cakes
Let your cake to be made from icing, butter cream or no icing at all and it gives that unique rustic feeling. Have quirky wedding cake themes like woodland, circus or nautical theme cakes for your wedding. Have classic and timeless designs such as adding flowers and beautiful patterns to your cake. Vintage themed cakes look as if they are from bygone era and top them up with lace or vintage toppers. Have homemade cake for your wedding as they are extremely personal and cost saving. It looks and feels beautiful if the cake is created by the family member. Colorful wedding cake themes are also popular choice to choose from.  If you are planning your wedding in summer then yellow with purple, blue or pink colors works very well. These wedding cakes are gorgeous and considerable for your guests at the reception.

Themes that suit your personality are the very commonly used themes these days. The cakes can be made to match the costume designs of bride and groom. Funny themes can be selected to add more fun to the wedding cake theme.  

The theme of profession of the bridegroom is one of the best themes to choose from. For example if the bridegroom is actor by profession then the cake can be made with movie theme in mind. Beach themed wedding cakes can have sand castle formation and Navy blue or white colors works best with this kind of wedding cake theme. Wedding cake with orange ribbons, orange lilies, green or purple orchids are perfect for flower themed weddings. A fall or autumn wedding cake themes consist of rustic themes such as chocolate colored leaves with red-colored daffodils or mild-green daisies to add with.  

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