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Woodland Wedding Themes Decorations And Ideas

When you are having a wedding of woodland wedding themes all the setting, decoration, dresses and wedding hair designs including other items should be perfectly same as outdoor weddings. The colors should be mostly brown as it resembles wood and forests. There can be unlimited idea of designs and decorations in a woodland type theme wedding. Wood, vines, sticks, grass; anything can be useful in a wedding of this theme. The most important thing in weddings is the cake. There are some ideas that are very creative and special; on the other hand the cake is so good looking that the taste develops itself in it. Brown colored with wood textures, a big tall cake with the picture of a tree and bird nest on top. Cake with leaves made from solid cream. When we are talking about cakes, where we will keep them? There is simple answer for this simple question. The cake stand can be made like a fountain, in the shape of a tree or just simply under a roof made of vines and sticks or a rustic wooden cake stand. If marble is used the marble can be engraved with black decorative stones.The dining table can either be long or made of short standing logs with cute and stylish cushions on it and the table in the middle. The tables can also be covered by white table cloths under a tree with a bright chandelier hanging on some branch. If every table can be kept under a different tree it would be better. The photo frames used in woodland wedding themes usually are made of vines and lush green grass or just attractive wood. The wedding rings can be kept on the horns of a small marble or glass antelope. Candles can be kept on different height logs inside glass jars. The jars can be short, tall or even differently shaped. Some flowers can also be kept along with the candles inside the glass jars or kept in separate jars. As in other traditional wedding dresses, the brides wedding dress is usually kept white in this theme too while the groom wears black. The bride’s hair can be decorated by any color flowers. The isle can be under fully bloomed cherry trees that cover and also drop flowers on the ground. A tree can be kept separate especially for making a family tree with pictures of all family members and of course the new couple.

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