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Winter Wedding Themes With Red And Green Color Scheme

A wedding in winter can be like a dream come true if done in the right way. The cool breeze hitting everyone on this special day can be the best feeling. You can set up your wedding place on snow or even on ice. In most winter wedding themes brides wear white or red, while some combine both to create a perfect masterpiece. Groom can wear pure white or a combo of black and white making him look classy.The tablecloths also can be also red, so it gives you that warm feeling in winter. Carpets no matter what, always have to be of dark color. Tables can have white and red candles with matching crockery and cutlery. As flowers are more expensive as usual in this time you can use fake ones, buy them in bulk as lot of decorations are used in winter wedding themes and the flowers have to be dark, if possible black is the best choice due to the white background.Winter wedding themes are less heavy even on your pocket too as it will cut a big chunk of air conditioning though if temperature goes really down then you might have to use central heating device. It is a better idea to set the date of wedding when it is mild winter and not very harsh.If you are planning to have a Christmas wedding or New Year wedding then it will be better to have a wedding hall with central heating as it gets really cold during this time. Red and green is the color of Christmas and you might find this color dominating all parties and functions. It will be easy to remember your special day if it’s on Christmas or New Year and it will also be a double-celebration as Christmas carols will be heard from far and your wedding will be a part of the celebration. Another benefit is that none of the two of you are ever going to have an argument on this.Red and green can be a good color option for wedding themes for winter but if you think of any other color like blue, purple or pink can also bring flair to your wedding. Your favorite color neon lights can be flashing or just simply shining from behind the curtain or transparent or translucent canopy. Vases, glasses etc. can be made of tinted glass such used in churches.

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