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Wild and Crazy Hawaiian Wedding Theme

First thing that comes to my mind after listening to the Hawaiian wedding theme is hula dance and this further directs me to the craziness and wildness whereas there could be nothing more enjoyable than crazy Hawaiian wedding so if this is your theme for your wedding be ready to have the greatest fun ever in your life. Hawaiian wedding is bold and courageous so I would suggest that if you are selecting this theme go for a day time wedding rather than doing it at night because day light will brighten all the crazy aspects of your theme and you will have the real flavor of craziness and madness.

hawaiian wedding theme

The best venue for your wedding is a nearby island which is difficult to find but if you are lucky in finding an island it is great or you can simply go for booking a beach resort for your wedding. Pink, orange, purple, red and green are the colors which will be used in your wedding while Hawaiian wedding calls for a bit of danger so giving it a daring look will be a good idea to make your wedding even more fun and you can do it by introducing activities that are daring. The activities could be water skiing, boating while you can add a counter where you can provide grass skirts or related dresses to your guests.

hawaiian wedding theme 1

In your Hawaiian wedding theme it is ok if you wear a white colored net dress but make sure to give it a wild look by selecting a frilly stitched dress and wear a crown made by wild flowers over your head and go as wild as possible. Your wedding cake should also be decorated by wild purple and pink colored flowers to give it a Hawaiian look or you can also top your cake with the statue of a real Hawaiian couple.

hawaiian wedding theme 2

In the decorations use palm trees, bright colored table napkins, tropical fruits, coconut, pineapples, palm trees etc. there are loads of options to decorate your wedding while Hawaiian music is a must to be played at your wedding and would be even greater if you manage to arrange dance floor for the playful peers in your wedding. Hawaiian wedding is a spin-off of beach wedding where all beach weddings stick to seashell, starfishes etc. while Hawaiian wedding gives you liberty to skip on these things and experiment other things in your wedding so be crazy at your wedding because this is one of the best day you are going to live in your life.

hawaiian wedding theme 3

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