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Wild and Crazy Forest Wedding Theme

Forest is wild and dangerous but still it is passionate and addictive and if you want to go dangerously romantic at your wedding day forest wedding theme is your best call. Top wedding themes of forest could be done at day or night, indoor or outdoor you can choose what you select for but I would suggest that if you want to be passionate select a night time outdoor wedding and if you want to be beautiful go for a day time indoor wedding however I have got amazing ideas for both of these forest wedding.

forest wedding theme

In the outdoor night time forest wedding theme your wedding will be obviously held into the woods where you can apply glowing sparkle spray on the woods. There are amazing ideas for the decorations you can put candles on the woods and place it at the corners of the wedding reception to light up the place and you can also place transparent jars with lights in it. You can also make a mini forest and light it up with yellow lights whereas the lighting should be uniform colored so that it gives a perfectly organized look to your wedding.

forest wedding theme 1

In the indoor day time wedding you can put autumn branches on the table and decoration will be carried out with branches, woods and flowers. You can use wood stands to put cake on it while you can frame your photo into wood frame at your wedding.  The day time forest wedding is going to be fresh and natural so you and the groom will wear light colors and your dress has to be a white colored typical ball gown and don’t skip chocolate out of your wedding because it is a brown forest wedding while you can serve different kinds of chocolates to your guests as a favor or starters.

forest wedding theme 2

The wedding cakes of a forest wedding can do wonders you can make a cake which gives look of a forest ‘into the woods’ kind of appearance where woods will cover the grass and other wild plants made on the cake and it is going to be a chocolate cake obviously. The flower girls will be in a green and brown dress wearing grand frilly dress making them look like a moving forests. You can add in cherries, white sparkling lights or even autumn leaves in the decoration of the wedding while you can also go wild and crazy because it is a forest wedding.

forest wedding theme 3

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