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Whimsy and Rattling Harry Potter Wedding Theme

Harry Potter is a very popular fantasy novel of British author known as J.K.Rowling. This novel presents the adventures or Harry Potter, wizard and his friend Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger. The whole story revolves around these characters. The novel is also in the movie form and you can get Harry potter wedding theme very easily. This marriage concept sounds amazing and attracts everyone to the participant of the party. Select a castle-like building for the wedding venue and decorate. An important part of this theme is the releasing of white dove but you can change this by the releasing of white owl to make saving. White dove is expensive than white owl and forms the real appearance. Obtain more ideas from the Harry porter movie to include in your marriage occasion.

harry potter wedding theme

It is great fun wedding themes if you select Harry potter theme in your marriage because it has lots of entertainment resources. Apply the dress of groom like hero of the novel with the same hairstyle and shoes to get the actual appearance of the theme. The heroin will dressed up in the white chiffon fabric with delicate lace design of black or red color. When you opt this idea, include pumpkin juice, butterbeer and Bertie Bott’s flavors beans because these have great importance to create the image of the wedding concept. Get print the image of Harry potter on the invitation cards and it will be ideal to show the marriage theme. Music is an essential part of every wedding so add it and make your party romantic.

harry potter wedding theme 1

If you arrange Harry potter theme with the addition of garden wedding themes it will create a new whimsy look of your wedding because of the two themes together in a marriage celebration. A park or garden is a natural set up that forms the real beauty of your event. Think what other entertaining ideas you can add in your party to increase the fun for bridal couple as well as the guests. In the selection of the menu you can some popular Spanish dishes which are very tasty and complete the wedding theme. Paella, Pescado Frito, Tortilla Espanola and Gazpacho are the most favorite dishes of Spain which are liked by the people all over the world. Wedding favors can be the decoration item of the heritage of Spain or it may be consisted on a food item or may be a plant.

harry potter wedding theme 2

In this way you present the Harry potter wedding theme in a most attractive appearance.

harry potter wedding theme 3

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