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Which Type of Dress Should You Buy?

As any bride would know, a wedding ensemble is never complete without a wedding veil, but with so many to choose from how do you know which veil is right for you?  Can you match up your pouf veil with your mermaid or trumpet dress, or should you choose a blusher, or a birdcage veil?  Well, here’s all you need to know about what types of veils available on the market, and how you can choose the one that’s right for you.

The Birdcage Veil These are traditionally the shortest veils that are available, and within the last few years birdcage veils have become quite popular.   They’re exceptionally stylish, and relatively hassle free.  Despite being small, short, and usually thin on material, there are still quite a few different birdcage veils available, so you’ll still have quite the selection to choose from. Shoulder-length veils If you want to mix up a bit of classic tradition with some modern flair, then a shoulder-length veil might be what you’re after.  These veils are slightly longer than birdcage veils and end somewhere between your shoulders and the middle of your back.  Though they’re not as common as they once were, shoulder-length veils can be the perfect combination for someone looking to show off a bit of conservative sass. Elbow-length veils These veils are longer than shoulder-length veils and end somewhere near where your skirt begins. They’re ideal for those wearing a full dress, and for women who are a bit on the shorter side.  If an outdoor wedding is something you have in mind, elbow-length veils mix perfectly with the gorgeous backdrop of sunlight and greenery. Finger-tip veils These are the most popular, most traditional, and most flattering veil available.  These veils are typically between 36 and 45 inches long and are most often worn with full length dresses.  If your dress has a long train though, you’re advised to steer clear. Chapel veils If you’re looking for an elegant, romantic veil then look no further.  These veils are full-length, likely to touch the ground, but are not considered to have a train.  They come with multiple layers, and are sometimes referred to as a sweep veil.  A bit of advice: consider combining your chapel veil with a blusher for that princess-like feel. Cathedral-length veils These are full-length veils, the most grandiose of them all.  While they’re certainly the most awe-inspiring and photogenic, they’re also the most difficult to manage.  They’re usually 120 inches or longer, and are perfectly suited to church weddings.  That being said if your wedding is somewhere outside then consider easing up a bit on the dramatic appearance, and go for something a little more practical.  Definitely save the cathedral-length veil for the most traditional and the most formal of weddings. There are a few more types of veils available on the market, though they’re a little less common.  For more ideas, you should consider looking at blushes, two-tier veils, mantillas, poof veils, and Juliet caps.

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