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What To Wear This Winter To Look Fit

It is winter season again and the weather is so cold. We all need to protect ourselves from hyporthemia, cold weather, and frostbites. To protect our body from the extremely cold weather is to wear appropriate winter clothes. What to wear this winter depends on your activity if you are going to work, for a walk or go shopping.

If you will be going to work on a winter season you can still look fab and maintain the look of a professional. You can wear a casual chic dress code like dark colored skinny jeans and pair it with slate gray or a misty rose jacket. For your shoes wear a black long boots. You can accessorize your looks with a scarf with a combine colors like dark violet and plum. A scarf will help to keep you warm and comfortable as it adds to your beauty. Use a black or rosy brown leather bag. What to wear this winter also for business dress code is a longer wool skirt or a knee length skirt in fire red or maroon and pair it with long sleeve silk blouse.

Wear a well tailored knee length wool winter jacket. To keep you warm in wearing a dress you need to wear opaque pantyhose or heavy tights with a knee length fashionable boots. When you want to go out for a walk as part of your exercise on a winter season you still can. But before you do you need to remember that you will be producing heat when you keep on moving which will make you sweat. You need to protect your skin to stay dry. What to wear this winter when you go out to do your walking exercise is long underwear made from fabrics like thermax, silk, thermoin or polypropylene.

To keep you warm you need to wear an insulating layer like a shirt or a vest that is made from polyester fleece, wool or pile. T-shirt that is made from cotton is not advisable. What to wear for this winter is important that you need to wear an outer layer like a breathable jacket that is water resistant. If the weather is so cold you can opt to wear tights underneath your pair of pants. What not to wear includes not wearing denim and cotton because the heavy fabric will stick to your body when it gets wet. Wear running pants that will make you comfortable in the snow made of synthetics. For your footwear you need to wear heavier socks and waterproof shoes. You also need to wear a hat, ear bands and gloves as your accessories.

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