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Western Theme Wedding Dresses Ideal For All Wedding Styles

Western culture and their ways of living have settled in the minds of people; living in each and every single nation in the world. People have adapted western ways and in between all of this some wedding couples started a new trend in the world of wedding themes, the western wedding theme. This theme had everything new and it was like an independent wedding theme that didn't have anything in common with other themes. Western theme wedding dresses started becoming popular and soon were observed in many other type of weddings thus, in weddings based on other themes. All weddings themes don’t have much in common but one thing is always, celebration, joy and the beautifully dressed bride with a maturely dressed groom. If you care to do some homework on western theme wedding dresses, then you realize that these dresses mostly are blue or white. Unlike blue, white dress is the most favorite and popular that is chosen to be worn by the bride on her special day. These dresses are mostly only one plain color, no two color embroidery or even damask. There is slightly some white embroidery on white dresses and if the dress is blue than the embroidery is blue. The bride usually chooses to wear a fashionable white dress while the bridesmaids pick the blue dress. In this theme, the bride usually prefers to wear tight wedding clothes and the bridesmaids too. But in some cases the bridesmaids are asked not to wear these clothes. But it has been noted that now-a-days very few people follow this way. The groom wears a black suit with a black tie and shoes on a white shirt. He wears a cow boy hat of a color that matches the suit he is wearing. Some wear a brown sleeveless coat with a black trouser or jeans and a hat, a white shirt along with a pair of brown or black cow boy shoes complete the groom’s wear. In weddings that are based on this theme, the groom doesn't come on a car but on a beautiful horse. He also takes his bride home on his horse and also some go on two horses. Some years back, horses weren't used as transport for the couple, the things used were bicycles. Some still use this way of transport but not preferred by most people as the time has changed and bicycles are not in fashion anymore especially now when many people are getting arranged their family wedding online.

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