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Western Country Weddings Theme

Tying the knot in a western country can be very chic type of ceremony. Country weddings theme is inspired by the surroundings of a country. Weddings in the style of Western countries are fun to create. Moreover; the Western style marriages are not expensive as the counterparts ceremonies are. Most of the Western Country weddings theme includes a casual gathering of family and friends. We bring forth the ideas of locations, transportation to the place, decorations, attire, menu and favors to help you know more about Western Country weddings theme. Ideas on Locations at Western parts At Western parts, people either choose to have a small ceremony at home or at an outdoor location. For indoor ceremonies, the back home garden is decorated in the colors and patterns of wedding themes. Garden can be converted to give any look from a vineyard to famous country pub, depending upon the couple’s preference.  Celebrating the event at ranch, farmhouse, historical sites is also common. Natural sites such as vineyard, forests and other locations such as parks, museums, and skating rink are chosen to host an unconventional ceremony. Some couples also prefer a quiet wedding at a church.

Transportation to the place of wedding Wagon, horse-back or any other horse drawn carriage are preferred among one and all that hold the ceremony at places such as ranches and farmhouse. Whereas for marriages that are celebrated in church or home, cars are most commonly used as a transport to the place. Decorations for country weddings Decorations at country weddings depend upon the themes for weddings . For example, if a couple choose to celebrate the occasion in forest theme, they will choose everything which goes well with the theme. The invitation cards to the guests will have designs and patterns of tress, leaves, flowers, birds and animals such as peacock and owl on it, small bushes will be used to decorate the tables where guests will be seated, and the tables will be named after famous forest tress. In other words, every decoration at the place will evoke an enchanted forest feeling.

Menu at the country wedding The menu at country weddings theme include famous dish of the place where the ceremony is held. For example, Pavlova is a popular dish of Australia Other than that pig roast, salads, lemonade, hard drinks, ice cream, cakes, pies and beans and burgers could well be included. Attire at the wedding Most of the western customs revolves around the idea of white wedding, in which the bride chooses to wear a while dress on the big day. Wherein, groom chooses to dress up in any colour from plain white to dark blue.

Ceremony, music, prayers at the event differs from one country to another.

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