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Wedding Themes For Winter At Christmas Or New Year

Weddings in winter can be perfect because winter days are special on their own and they can make their special day even more special. You can plan your wedding either on Christmas or on New Year. Colors used on your wedding are not as choosy on these days as obvious colors used on Christmas are always red and green. This combo can always make a perfect combination for winter wedding themes and to celebrate Christmas as well.

There are always many wedding themes for winter; you can make big and attractive snow statue or so in front of all the guests. You can paint the visible snow outside the wedding place or on the floor with different liquid colors. Floor should be a combination of any out of red and green or dark colors of your choice. Round tables with white and red tablecloths are always a better choice on weddings.

Some fluffy white balls in the middle of the table can represent snowballs. The walls or curtains can have designs of snowflakes on them. A large, beautiful and heavily decorated Christmas tree can be kept in a visible location. Red and green or even snowflake shaped neon lights can be shining behind the curtains. Colored snow can be kept in large cups for decoration.

Another very special day on which you can use some wedding themes for winter is New Year. Songs from all angles refresh your ears along with the cool breeze. Both these days are extremely cold and when the mercury level is low your wallet also gets low. You will have to pay a load to keep warm and a central heating system will be perfect for your special day. Primary colors along with secondary are a combination that is often used in winter wedding theme color on New Year.

Snowflakes can also be used in wedding themes of this day too. Winter brides can wear a dress that is furry from below, these dresses look best in red or white while some combine both. Others prefer to wear black and white i.e. white dress with black designs and lining along with the black veil. Grooms usually wear black and white on their winter wedding. All these colors are simply known to be classy and elegant and also project an image in everybody’s mind of your class. For all those who have planned to plan their day on one of these days he/she has a very good choice.

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