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After observing the wedding ceremonies of celebs, no one can deny the importance of wedding themes and this has increased the value of incredible WEDDING THEME IDEAS. Its the theme that makes a wedding more coordinated, more personal and finally more beautiful. How come one may arrive with a WDDING THEME IDEA? [caption id="attachment_11003" align="aligncenter" width="550"]WEDDING THEME IDEAS WEDDING THEME IDEAS[/caption] Firstly, its the couple who should decide what sort of wedding theme suits their personalities and their life style. Once they are done with the theme it becomes very easy to decide the style of the invitations, colours of flowers, menu of the food, dresses and all other items needed because they revolve around a certain theme. Here are some WEDDING THEME IDEAS. Fairies: A fairy theme is enchanting because everyone knows about that hidden species and is attracted to them. Your marriage celebrations can planned around this charming wedding theme. Are you interested in mystery and magic? Are you interested in a marriage outdoor in the company of flowers and birds? Wouldn’t you like to be sent to an attractive land on your wedding day? This needs a venue with a big garden, open lawns or a botanical garden. You need to select a colour palette that suits this theme. As you are planning the celebrations in outdoor so Pink can serve your purpose, and lavenders and white too. To increase the effect you can add silver or golden touch. Travel: Adopt this theme only if you love travelling as much as you love one another.Decide the element of travel you would like to focus as your theme. Is there any particular place in your mind that u think should be re-created?  Or its a specific element of travel, like going on a cruise? That is going to be central idea of your wedding theme. [caption id="attachment_11004" align="aligncenter" width="550"]WEDDING THEME IDEAS WEDDING THEME IDEAS[/caption] For this theme you need to select decorations that give the impression of travelling to your guests. This theme must be a part of your announcements and invitations. For example if you are thinking about the cruise theme for your wedding  you need to design your invitations on the pattern of a travel package and your R.S.V.P should resemble a cruise ticket. Barbeque: You just say the word barbeque and the image that occurs is of meat being cooked outdoor by a man with a chef hat. This theme co relates with the colours red, blue and white. As the main element is food so it starts with table settings. You require dinnerware that is colourful, fresh flowers and a huge quantity of food. So here you have some brilliant WEDDING THEME IDEAS.   

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