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Its quite a simple theme to be followed with your friends and family. These WEDDING SHOWER THEMES  are kept very simple. Only a few friends and close family members book a private room in some hotel or a videoke place where the guests and the bride share different stories and finally move towards food. [caption id="attachment_10998" align="aligncenter" width="550"]WEDDING SHOWER THEME WEDDING SHOWER THEME[/caption] Kitchen Shower: A WEDDING SHOWER THEME can be given a totally new colour by arranging it in your kitchen. The kitchen wares, recipes and a specific food for the day should be incorporated Invitations: The whole details of the party should be written on a recipe card. Decorations: In this case you don’t need to bother much because you can easily launch the party in your kitchen. Gift ideas: The guests can bring with them a special spice which is the main ingredient of their favourite recipe or they can gift utensils as well. Activities: On this occasion you can put pasta shells (un cooked) in a jar. And say the guests to guess its total number. The one who is closest to the total can take the gift. Make sure you have counted them before you put them in the jar. [caption id="attachment_10999" align="aligncenter" width="550"]WEDDING SHOWER THEME WEDDING SHOWER THEME[/caption] DOMESTIC SHOWER: A domestic shower may appear to be an unglamorous  idea but it can practically help the couple, going to start a new life.    Invitations: For this you need to write the party details on a pair of rubber gloves. Decorations: The cleaning supplies must be incorporated in your decor. The bride and the groom will wear hand gloves. Gift ideas: The guests can bring households as gifts like mop, utensils, cleaning aids, broom or a flat iron. Activities: The guests may write about the best cleaning tip of theirs and bring that to shower along with any products needed to carry it on and finally hand it over to the bride for the future use. BOOK SHOWER: Its a fabulous idea for the bride who loves books. This idea is highly recommended for the bride who owns her own house and evinces most of the household articles herself. Invitations: The invitations should be prepared on the pattern of a book mark. Decorations: You can host this party in a local bookstore who give their place on rent. If your friend holds a house with a library in it you can host the party there as well. Gift ideas: The guests can bring books as gift. Activities: You can make an address book for the bride and the guests have to fill it with important personal details. And there may be a lot others.    

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