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Wedding Shoes - The Secret of Attraction

All we care about while dressing up and grooming ourselves is how we look and how our face looks. Using expensive creams and spending almost half of the salary on cosmetics is like old habit of girls which they cannot get over with. All they care about is their face and their looks and then to enhance those looks and to appear even better beautiful dresses are used. What girls really forget is that looking perfect from top to bottom is the real elegance of beauty and for that pairing every outfit with perfect set of bottoms is really important and here I am pointing towards the wedding shoes.

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All you care about at time of your wedding preparations is the wedding dress and almost everyone keep on bragging about its importance. No doubt wedding dress is of prime importance but if your wedding shoes aren’t of the level of your wedding dress then you are going to kill all the beauty of your dress. The first image that I get in my mind when I think about glamour is high heels sparkling and attracting everyone and this fact makes it clear that shoes are what create the true fashion statement.

However there are many amazing shoes available in the market so what should you select for your dress. White is going to be your answer as probably there are many chances that your wedding dress is white but if your dress is in contrast of black and white or red and white then go for selecting the other color. A little red or a little black of your dress can get illuminated majestically if you simply wear red or black colored shoes whereas white colored shoes can kill the beauty of other contrast color used.

You will realize once you go out for shopping that many shoes will be attracting you but don’t get agitated by the gems and stones attached to the sandals because your prime concern must be the comfort and ease of wearing those shoes. High heels attract so much but wearing a 5 to 7 inch heel can be a real trouble whereas rational decision will be sticking to 3 to 4 inches heel. If you are so fond of heels then make sure that if you are buying 7 inched wedding shoes then the heel must be blocked as that will not create any discomfort while moving around. Be ready to make the crowd crazy as after reading this essay you will surely pair something great with your wedding dress.

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