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Wedding Of Fairy Princess

This is a very special dream of every person that his/her wedding moments must be very well planned and memorable till the whole life. And we are sure that you also think like that, so are you thinking to fill this precious moment with delight and charm then the Fairy wedding theme is the great idea. This is fully with a usual fairy marriage dress for both bride and groom, and it will leave a loving impression on your hearts. The fairy is said a beautiful girl of heaven that’s why the wedding party hall must be decorated as the heaven and close to nature touch.

There is a way to make your Fairy wedding theme more special with the special colors in the beautification of marriage with a touch of the season. There are various beautiful bold and light colors available, so you should choose it according to the theme for each thing’s designing. The stage should be decorated with various kinds of beautiful flowers, and their charming smell will create a distinct feel for the wedding couple’s heart. These flowers will make this special occasion a memorable part of your life and your Fairy wedding theme will impact a beautiful impression on the guests also.

As the decoration is completed now the time comes to prepare the bride and groom in the look of the beautiful fairy princess and handsome fairy prince. For this the wedding couple must use white dresses and the garlands should be also wearing on their neck. Flowers should also used to embroider in the ribbons of the bride, and sparkle worn foliages for the groom. The wedding girl can choose shining beading to create a magical class and the bride may take a stick attached in floral decoration. In this special occasion the dressing theme also is related to the Fairy wedding theme.

The wedding boy who is prepared as the prince should wear the leather shoes and twig basil along with the beautiful and well smelling flowers which should be mounted on the Groom’s color. To make it more realistic and beautiful everyone in this marriage should wear a white latticed cloth on their shoulder, give this cloth to every guest and request them to wear it. Those all guests will see that the wedding couple will look like the beautiful fairies of heaven and as the wedding ceremony will start sweet melody music must be played there for the couple. This all will make this day the most memorable and amazing day of their life. And the Fairy wedding theme is a very beautiful and charming way to make your special day more precious and better.

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