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Wedding Jackets – For a Modest Touch

If you are planning to wear a gown for your wedding, but the design you loved is strapless, then adding a wedding jacket to your shopping list will be good, if you want a modest touch. The bridal jackets or wraps are  an important part of the bridal accessories, especially with strapless gowns, or for winter weddings. These bridal jackets give  a perfect elegant touch to the bridal dress and if chosen properly, can enhance the beauty of the dress. Here are some tips that you should follow while buying a bridal jacket for your wedding day.

Wedding jackets are different from the ordinary jackets, as you are not wearing them just for yourself. You will have to stand at the altar in front of everyone, and you will be the personality of the day, so choose wisely. Check if the color of the jacket suits your gown perfectly. If your gown is in pure white, then the jacket should be bought in the same color as well. The style of the jacket, however; can vary according to the weather or personal choice. A heavily beaded, or bedazzled jacket will look extraordinarily gorgeous with a simple bridal gown, on the other hand; a heavy bridal gown will look good with a simple satin jacket.

Lace is in everything these days and perfect lace wedding jackets can give you a star-like look at your wedding. These lace jackets are available in different styles from bolero to front buttoned jackets. A bolero looks good with the bridal gowns which have heavy work on necklines or front of the dress, while a front buttoned jacket is heavily beaded itself to give a simple wedding gown a very glamorous touch. These jackets can also be used in winter weddings to save yourself from the harsh weather, however; the wedding jackets that are worn in winter weddings are mostly made of fur, or other warm fabrics to give a princess like touch, and also to  reduce the effect of coldness in the weather.

The size of the sleeves of the bolero can vary greatly from cap-sleeves to long wrist-length sleeves. Also the jackets can be high-neck and buttoned or off the shoulders according to the wearer’s choice. A mix of tulle and lace also gives a beautiful touch to off shoulder bridal jackets. Where as; ruffle edged bridal jackets give a very royal touch to the bride.

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