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Wedding in mountains

The benevolent like the mountains and the wise like the waters. --- Old Chinese saying. What kind of people do you belong to? If you are a benevolent, can you accept a wedding in mountains? We believe the answer is so affirmative. There are so many great mountains in the world, The Qomolangma, the K2… a great mountaineer had ever said why he conquer the mountains, because they are standing there. Mountaineers are great. So if you like mountains, a wedding in mountains is a perfect choice. --- Wedding in mountains clip_image002

Many mountains have a very harmony climate. It is cool, fine and pure. The wind from mountains always makes you a high spirit. Form the foot to the top of a mountain, different plants and sceneries welcome your eyes. Under the snow line, grassland is the best place to have a wedding ceremony. --- Wedding in mountains


The sun light is a good reason why we have a wedding in mountains. A high mountain can have you standing on the cloud. When you reach the top, you will find everything is under your feet. This feeling is pretty cool.

Mountain is a symbol of eternality. For thousands years, mountain stands there and never move. Everyone hopes he would a love loyal like mountain. If you have a wedding in mountains with the witness of the mountain, your dream would come true. --- Wedding in mountains


In Europe, there are many old but well decorated house and castle in mountains. They are perfect place for wedding. The old houses and castles keep the old styles decoration. You can have a feeling that becomes the nobles in mid age. These houses and castles often located in the place which often has beautiful sceneries and the traffic and service are also very convenient. --- Wedding in mountains


A magnificent mountain, the pure blue sky and river, the white cloud and mountain peaks and the bride’s white dress, the green tresses and grasses, variety of colors flowers, the bright sunlight and cool breeze, what is better than that? The answer is nothing. --- Wedding in mountains

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