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Wedding Color Theme for Colorful Occasion

Colours create a unique vibe at the events.  Colors and beauty are synonymous at every event, be it an occasion as a small birthday party or as large as a wedding reception. Deciding on the colour for the occasions is up to the host. If he decides to host a function, say wedding without any color themes for a wedding , than guests can dress up in their favourite colors but if wedding is themed is personalized on a color, then guests dress up in a particular colored dress as decided for the occasion. Everyone coordinate to the wedding color theme as chosen by the host. We bring some factors which help the host to select a colour theme for the ceremony. Pick your favourite shade:  You admire pink or shades of blue or sea green, so this is the right occasion to start with. You can also mix and match colors such as black and white, green and blue, yellow and orange for wedding color theme. While choosing a mix and match, make sure that colours are compatible. If you have more than one favourite colour and are confused on which one to choose, then you can go through lifestyle magazines and wedding albums of your friends who had hosted the occasion in past and take clues. Consider the settings of a place:  You must visit the venue before you make a final decision of colour that you want to go with. This is to ensure that colour goes well with the venue’s carpet, curtains, furniture, drapers and decoration at wedding color theme. The colour that you choose should naturally blend with the interiors or exteriors of the place in wedding color theme. More than one wedding themes ideas by colors for more than one function: You will have a leeway of using more than one color if you have a wedding at church and reception in the evening at a barn or hotel. Consider the season: Before you decide on color, it is necessary to consider the season.  Light colors such as white and sky blue perfectly suits the occasion which is to be held in summers. While dark colours such as purple suits the color wedding theme for the occasion to be held in winters. Sunshine colours and sea green goes fine at the functions to be held in spring. The only thing you ensure is that you should not choose any color which look dramatic as per the environment. 

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