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Every couple will go for a theme that best suits their style and budget, so in a way every wedding theme is unique in its own way. Nonetheless there are those little details that can be used to gauge the level of uniqueness of any of the themes. A place card holder assists the guest to have their proper sits and hence prevents commotion. For yours to qualify to be a theme weddings, do away with the conventional table numbers. Instead name the tables after things that are of importance to your love story for instance members of the band that were playing the day you met at a concert, places that you have visited together among other ideas. Another measure of a unique wedding theme is individualization. Many couples own the wedding by having their favorite drinks, food, centerpieces, and attire for themselves and the bride’s maid. However they forget to add a personal touch to the wedding favors that they send their guests away with. Personalizing favors doesn’t have to be expensive; in fact there are things that can be personalized quite easily.  Votive candles, table napkins, lip balms for the ladies, stem less wine glasses and Champaign flutes are some of the favors that are trouble free to put on initials or wedding dates. There is no better way for your guests to remember your wedding day than to add on a personal touch to the favors. Kip in mind this little detail when planning your wedding. How well do you engage your guest at the reception? This is the part where your loved ones get to mingle and make new acquaintances. Feel up the dance area by playing music that suits the mood even if you are having a music themed wedding. Do not play slow songs when it is time to show case dance moves and when it is time for that romantic mood, don’t spoilt with fast track songs. In short have a capable DJ. Music is essential to setting different moods.  Play some traditional wedding games and take part in those custom based dances. A truly unique wedding theme will satisfy your guests, stomach wise and fun wise. The last but not least element of a unique wedding themes ideas is lighting. Lighting can either enhance the theme or make it a complete bore. Wireless lights, string lights wrapped around draped fabric enhance your selected theme.

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