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Watery and Blue Beach Themed Wedding Centerpieces

Beach theme is one of the most picked wedding themes so it becomes difficult to arrange things because you want it to remain different, unique and special from all other beach themed weddings however to be better than other weddings you need to put in your hard work in every area of your beach wedding from table decorations to the dresses, food etc. while here my interest is in the centerpieces so I am going to talk about the beach themed wedding centerpieces which you will love to use in your wedding reception to make a statement in the cluster of beach themed weddings.

beach themed wedding centerpieces

The beach themed wedding centerpieces are available in variety while selecting the best one is the challenge and here I have got few suggestions for you to select from them. You can put a water into a transparent glass tube with wild sea flowers in it and then at the top place candles on it and light the candles you can put three on one table another resembling idea is that you can use the same styled glass but instead of putting candles give it a marine life look and place flowers in the glass giving it a bouquet look.

beach themed wedding centerpieces 1

In the beach wedding we all remember seashells, palm trees, starfishes etc. but we all miss on pearls instead of pearls being the most precious and beautiful thing found in the beaches so you can use pearls as the centerpieces by putting them together into a glass and then light candle at the top of that glass. You can place seashells on the tables while empty seashells might not appeal that much so put candle on each sea shell.

beach themed wedding centerpieces 2

You can arrange a glass dishes where you can put starfish, seashells and other marine related things to give it a seaside kind of look. In beach wedding people also miss on fishes and sea horses however you can use these both things very efficiently to make your centerpieces look amazing and lavish. You can arrange aquarium bowls to place on every table but use a blue colored see through glass this time instead of colorless transparent glass however managing aquarium on every table could be a difficult task so you can put aquariums on alternate tables while the other tables can get filled by other amazing centerpieces I just discussed already so try your luck and if this is your beach wedding start looking for beautiful fish bowls from now.

beach themed wedding centerpieces 3

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