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Violently Soft Red and White Wedding Theme

Red color is a sign of love and romance as red roses are given to your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend only whereas red is addictive, romantic and relates to passionate love but white at the same time is peaceful, innocent, blissful and soft and these both opposite nature colors combine to make a mind blasting blend. The red and white wedding theme is for those who are crazily in love and want everything as passionate as possible however at the same time they are innocent and blissful so if you and your partner make the perfect match and attract each other like positive and negative charges attract each other this wedding theme explains your relationship perfectly.

red and white wedding theme

The red and white wedding theme is kind of easy to arrange yet it looks most romantic and beautiful because of availability of lots of ideas and material to be used at the wedding. At your wedding reception use white colored chair covers and table covers but wrap red colored bow over each chair while arrange red colored table clothes you can do it uniformly or you can also go vice versa and put tables alternatively the one which has got red color more and the one with white color used more.

red and white wedding theme 1

You are a romantic white colored bride but accompany your attire with red colored net up-do, red accessories and red colored sandals however your groom has to wear a traditional white and black suit accompanied by a red colored tie. Don’t forget to put red details in your dress to give it an elegant look whereas your flower girls have to sick with red elegant and classic ball gowns. The flower girls will have to carry only white colored flowers whereas you will have to carry only red colored flowers which could be red roses.

red and white wedding theme 2

Use red roses and red balloons to decorate your area but using red LED’s for decorations is a brand new and amazing idea to make your day shine in the crowds. Strawberry vanilla chocolate truffle is the most relevant dessert you can provide your guests and you can also place butterfly muffins in your dessert buffet. Grand white colored cake is your wedding cake but give it a break because it is not just going to be a white cake it is going to be a black forest chocolate flavored cake decorated by red roses whereas you can also decorate it with fresh strawberries because skipping strawberries in a red and white wedding could be a huge mistake.

red and white wedding theme 3

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