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Vintage Wedding Theme And Ideas

You don’t need to go in the past if you want to make your wedding ceremony on the vintage themed weddings. There are some easy ideas, which will help you in decorating your life’s most precious moment in the way you want. To make a unique impression capture some pics in romantic styles for this you can take hints from famous romantic movies. Adorn these pics on the tables, it will surely give a loving touch in your vintage themed weddings. To make it more attractive avoids modern stationery invitation cards and try for something much better like to create the invitation card like old time’s telegram and for finishing pack it in cover which is stocked with your pics stamp. To make it more sparkling, give the decoration more romantic touch including romantic movie themes. Try to put hatboxes on the guest table and make some sitting arrangement near dancing area, if someone is tired from dancing so he can take rest there. Make up the bride with old glamorous and cheap wedding accessories and to groom also dress up in the same way, so that it will seem more real to touch people’s heart who are there. This Vintage wedding theme can be one of the most beautiful experience for your you and your guests too, so prepare it carefully.

The decoration is an integral part of every event but it in vintage themed weddings fewer decoration is better for it. Things in light color, old fashioned clothing and other accessories in the same way will make it perfectly like you want. A beautiful vintage car decorated with flowers for the bride and for hall’s interior try to put a candle stand in the center of guest table along with lighting candles, it will create a beautiful charm in your vintage themed weddings.

  There must be played some vintage style music, you can try famous wedding songs of old time like “you’re my baby” or any other famous old wedding music. This music will feel your heart with love and cheer for your loved one in this wonderful Vintage wedding theme. The wedding cake must be decorated in old style and it will be much better if you will try for black and white colored cake. The wedding should be arranged in any historical church or hall which will surely make the moment with a perfect vintage touch and you will remember your wedding day as the most beautiful day of your life in the vintage themed weddings.

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