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Vintage Themed Wedding Ideas For Lovers Of Wine And Class

Most of us already know what a vintage wedding is. Vintage themed wedding ideas are very popular all around the world. There are many types of ideas in a vintage wedding. For those people who don’t know what vintage means, it actually means ‘the year in which fine quality wine was produced’; although this does not mean that the whole wedding will be full of wine. It actually is an old fashioned wedding; this is because fine quality wine also was produced in olden times, something around the mid- 20 century. Here in these weddings, white is the prime color and is used most.

Old weddings were crazy, and classy wedding themes, it is the same. The decorations, old fashion wooden wine barrels can be kept as stands etc. people can be keeping their gifts on these barrels. Flowers, food and snacks etc. also can be kept. Now, you must be thinking why the prime color is white. That is because in the vintage times, paper was the material from which decorations were made, and paper is WHITE. The flowers can be of any light color such as skin brown, yellow ochre etc. all the flower vases can be covered and decorated with damask design paper cuttings wrapped all over it. The candles can be kept in wine bottles or a wine bottle’s wine can be lit to make a torch type candle.

A picture timeline of both families of the couple, can be kept hanging somewhere. A full wall can be reserved to make a family tree. The family tree does not have to end with the couple’s picture; it can also end with an empty spot with a question mark on it. Many people will understand these vintage themed wedding ideas.

If you have an old chap nearby, you should obviously take some vintage ideas and advice. He/she will also tell about the clothes worn in these weddings. The dress worn by the bride is always white and is also always attractive. These cannot have little vintage touch, because they have to be attractive and this creates a need of a lot of vintage touch. Many more interesting vintage wedding ideas are on the internet. The groom wears what he usually does. A black wedding suit, a black tie and a light color or white flower in his front pocket. Black color formal shoes and cool 50’s hairstyle is ideal when opting for vintage themed wedding ideas.

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