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Victorian Wedding Theme Is An Idea Of Elegance, Grace And Royalty

Victorian wedding theme is admirable and inspiring for the persons, who like the antique and perfect living style, existed in the reign of Queen Victoria. The jewelry, dresses and decoration of that time has the central attention for the Victorian wedding theme. When it is properly maintained and done, it makes an event of the history.

Dressing in a Victorian wedding theme is the first focal point. A fixed bodice, having a small waist and falling over circles is the most suitable wedding dress for the bride. It does not always include white color, but there may be other colors indicating different future influences of bride's life. For example, blue for true love and yellow for her ashamed fellow. Groom's dressing is also very important to fulfill the Victorian wedding theme, a tuxedo shirt, a tailcoat, a waistcoat and tuxedo pants would be the better option. He can wear square toe boots to fit in the theme. Because, everything is lavish in a Victorian wedding theme, so, hats, hair, hair pieces, gloves are very important part of such a wedding.

The second focal point is the location of the wedding. There is a need to look Victorian for indoor wedding arrangements. Otherwise, Victorian look churches, castles or cottages shall work in a perfect manner for the requirements of the theme. A beach or a garden wedding ceremony simply fulfills the Victorian royal wedding theme idea. Pearl and diamonds are the perfect jewelry items for the bride. A groom can use a diamond tie pin to complement his bride jewelry.

There is a need of specific floral arrangements for Victorian wedding theme, just make the floral arrangements more and more elegant. But the bride's bouquet should be arranged in standard roses in a sprig style. There is a special meaning of each flower as Victorians had strong belief in the meaning of flowers. Daisies are the representative of innocence in a Victorian wedding theme. Similarly, Stephanotis confirms happiness and pleasure in the marriage. Orchids for the true and long-lasting love, mums ensure the wealth and prosperity. Mixing of freesia and gardenias introduces an innocence and purity.

Most of the arrangements of Victorian wedding theme matches the present day wedding arrangements, there is a small difference of lavishness and perfection of Victorian reign. This can be added by ornate candle bars, or candles in ornate candle sticks. Victorian wedding theme represents the idea of class and charm and demands for the romantic signs of graceful nature.

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