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Vibrant and Soft Color for Weddings Theme

Colors are the basis for any theme and colors set the mood and ambiances of any place for example the red and black color refers to Halloween whereas white and red refers to valentines and Christmas both. People confuse themselves into wedding themes but at the end its only color what makes the theme so I would suggest you that it is not wise to get confused in wedding themes like beach, carnival, vintage etc. instead you can make your wedding a blast through sticking to a great good combination only and I have got many ideas regarding color for weddings theme.

color for weddings theme

The wedding color theme can base on more than two colors because using colors in combinations is always a better idea whereas unified color can never speak as beautifully as it can with some other color. Coming to the red and white wedding theme these color for weddings theme can do great if used balanced and equally i.e. don’t keep them disorganized if you are using white in the table decorations then follow the buffet decorations with red color while use both colors in the bridal dress but there you will have to use more white then red.

color for weddings theme 1

In the wedding themes by color you have the liberty to go about any kind of decorations and food etc. whereas other specialized themes bound you to stick to the same things. In such weddings which are based on colors only you can select the best for your wedding regardless which nature that thing has got for example you can take best things from a vintage wedding and at the same time if you want to be dreamy you can add in the dreaminess of fairytale wedding as well.

color for weddings theme 2

There are few famous color themed weddings and those are chocolate colored weddings, black and silver wedding, purple wedding, orange and blue wedding and a pink and blue wedding. From the above list I think that chocolate colored wedding and black and silver wedding are the most enchanting and elegant whereas purple wedding is simply majestic and magical if combined with white color. I think that the best thing to play with are colors and actually selecting on colors is the most difficult task but with these combinations available you don’t have to think much because if I were at your place I would have selected a chocolate colored wedding without even giving it a second thought but then I would have merged golden and dark chocolate color in it.

color for weddings theme 3

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