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Colorfulstyles and fancy patterns

So,in short, 2014 spring dresses collections are full of color and patterns. Youcannot waste a single minute. Do not wait any longer to wear a dress with largeflowers or butterflies or suddenly a tiny abstract pattern.

Thereis a wide range of spring dresses from the shorter to the longer, elegant,informal, modern, retro, etc. The important thing is that they look at thegirls radiant and beautiful. Use a single pressing, lest you look like awallpaper and choose the dresses of flowing fabrics and fall.

Tipsand hints about women fashion

Itis always important to look out for women clothes. Trends come and go but someitems remain trendy. Keep reading so you can find out about options that arethe way to go! In this article, we share 10 modern and current proposals:Discover the best trends and guide your soul mate with many tips to make themost beautiful woman come alive!


Takea look at: Dolce & Gabbana, Paul Smith, Rykiel Homme, Gap, etc. Justimagine us last winter, but this year it's impossible to pass them. Tablesinvade the male and female fashion. For your guy to transform into a Scottishprince, bet on the main parts: jackets, pants- And Do Not Forget: the touch"logger" s, which is now the sexiest: the fabled shirt of wool orcotton options. Find pictures that display styles, this way you will noticeoptions that may fit properly. Body structures vary and you shouldn’t forgetabout it!  


Careto take over! Choose taking your girl to buy accessories, she will enjoy beautifulgarments. Rather if she is shyand reserved, a discreet Ground bet (gray-brown,dark blue-green bottle ...).  Rather  if it is bold,  vivid prints Chosen (red,black, etc)


From the leaves of the trees and rusticanimal skins that are the dresses of savages, to the silk suits that embellishcivilized peoples, there is a long series of work. Trends and colors

From the limited inclusionof black quinceanera dresses models in the Sao Paulo Fashion Week this year, tothe staging of the Caucasian Lara Stone, they became depicted as blacks

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