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Useful wedding shower theme ideas

This article is going to provide you with some of the wedding shower themes ideas that will actually make your party out of the ordinary. Whether whimsical or practical ensure you pick the theme that will get everyone into the spirit. Also don’t forget that the success of your party will be how you lay out each and every single detail. This will be enhanced by picking the right party decorations and wedding shower favors.

Some of the most favorite and timeless wedding shower themes will include the “Tea Party”. Tea is served along with finger foods, for example scones, sandwiches or even petite fours. You can make it more fun by ensuring each guest wears a fancy hat and a pair of gloves too. This event is perfect for a mid afternoon celebration.

Another outstanding theme is the “Room of the House shower”. Each guest will be assigned a room of the house and bring a gift to be used in that room. This can be furniture, party décor or anything you feel is appropriate for that room. Use your imagination to figure out what would make that particular room look more attractive or eve more home-like.

A recipe shower also known as Stock the pantry as another of the most favorite and classic showers, Here every guest is asked to bring along with them their most favorite and unique recipe. Similarly they can carry the non-perishable ingredients of the recipe as well. Even better, they can have some homemade dishes as favors.

Another great theme for couples is “Stock the Bar”  shower where guest are asked to bring along with them their most favorite alcoholic beverages to help the couple stock up their bar. Then you can provide a mini cocktail shaker for each guest and invite them to shake a signature drink for each and everyone to taste. This could be done at the couple’s favorite bar to reduce any chances of a messed up house or any breakages. The memories of the guests’ participation in the event could be kept intact by providing a personalized martini glass or personalized shot glass for each guest.

The most classic and most popular theme is probably the Jack and Jill wedding shower. Let the guest pick any place or anything that the couple loves and ensure that the whole shower party activities are related to this. For example, if the couple loves rock climbing, let the shower be held probably in a local rock climbing center and ask the gusts to bring rock climbing gears with them.

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