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Vintage wedding themes are some of the themes that have been in existence for a long period and are not going anywhere as many couples still choose to go the Victorian age with their planning. The best way to bring forth a vintage theme is by using décor that suit the theme. Most people are under the impression that it is compulsory to have the same type of table décor for all tables. With this regards, there are numerous ways to incorporate vintage adornments to your reception. However, there should be a foundation to base the decorations so that there is consistency. Flowers are must have elements for any wedding and so carefully pick or buy your array. Some good containers to hold these flowers for vintage wedding themes include watering cans, bird cages, terracotta pots or Victorian teapots. While the tea and terracotta pots are ideal for centerpieces, watering cans and bird cages are perfect to decorate the rest of the room space. Have a variety of arrangements as opposed to only one or two types of flowers. Swan décor is a perfect decorating tool for vintage wedding themes even though most couples do not optimize on them. The swans are mostly white but the can be re-painted according to the specifications you want. Functionality for this swan décor ranges from the usual vase for floral assembly, towel and candle holders, planter and a candy dish. With that in mind, you can place this particular swan figurine as centerpieces, or you can have a few of them at the food court. Paper honey comb bells are so Victorian that failing to use them will make any of the vintage wedding themes half complete. These ones are superb wall embellishments.  A metal wall sconce is another decoration for walls within the venue. Vintage stationery if well coordinated can be used as an outstanding centerpiece. What is more is that you can hand them out as favors. Candle décor are ordinary in most weddings but do not limit yourself to how you incorporate them to the centerpiece.  Tall candle holders really accentuate Vintage wedding themes.  Sit the tall stand together with other shorter ones for a more refined ambiance. How about vintage wedding dresses cookies? Trust me this is a magnificent snack to serve with hot coco late evening after the reception and they are also take-away favors. .

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