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Use Festive Birds Feather on Love Birds Wedding Theme

The couples with strong bonding are often teased among their friends as love birds. May be its for your friends lovely teases and out of their love for you, you can use love birds as a theme for your wedding and  therefore stage a love birds wedding theme. Thus you can covert the tease by friends to a sweet and long lived memory in their hearts. You can let your wedding day be all about birds. Frock your ceremony in bird delight; feather the wedding reception with love birds and discover the loveliness of adding birdie decoration to your most special day.   Have the painting of beautiful feathered birds or pictures of little sweet birds on the front of your wedding invitation card. Let the cuteness of feathered friends be displayed on all the wedding stationery. Your friends will praise the stationery and card for sure. While you think about the decoration at wedding venue, think of elegant bird cage. Hang them around the trees if you celebrate the wedding at open outdoors. Colorful, unique birdcage is all the rage. The vintage bird cage can also be used an elegant card holder. Along with bird cage, you can use the beautiful bird feathers and also bird houses on your special day. Add the colourful feathers to the wedding reception table. Let us now discuss about the make up for love birds wedding theme day. Design of wings at the back of wedding gown is suitable to match the occasion and along with bridal gown, you can definitely tie the festive feathers to your hair.  Let your flower girls too wear the feathery gowns and let your bridesmaid carry the bird shape rings in their fingers. Your ring bearer can use the artificial bird’s nest to carry the wedding ring in it. Are you thinking about the groom now and wondering how can he utilize the love birds wedding theme? Well, there is a simple idea. He can use the bird’s feather as the bow to his coat. Feathers bring a touch of romance to the wedding day celebrations. Hairpieces, bouquets, dress, and centrepieces, let everything be inspired by a bird fur. With your imagination you can come up with creative ideas on how you can use the bird pictures, feathers, cage and nest to all other things such as wedding cake and favours and make your love birds wedding theme outstanding.  

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