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Unusual Yet Beautiful Black And Yellow Wedding Theme

Marriages are made in heaven but organized on earth. It is true that wedding is the most important day of everyone’s life and everyone deserve to have a wedding which is of their choice and style. In the era of globalization and individualism people are not bound to their traditional ways yet they want to celebrate their rituals and important days in a traditional way but they prefer to have their own unique style to make the occasion memorable and leave mark on people’s mind. Having your favorite color as a color theme of your wedding is the best way to have your own way of wedding function and use your favorite color such as a black and yellow wedding theme color to give your wedding a unique image is a great idea.

Black and yellow though is an unusual color for wedding but if that is your favorite one then go for black and yellow wedding theme without any hesitation. Yellow is a very cool and versatile color to go with any season and occasion. You can mix this color combination with black to give it a bright look and some white too to give a cool and balance the dark colors.

To give it a complete wedding color theme wedding gown should have some yellow and black net or embroidery on it. You can keep the wedding gown white if you want go traditionally but if you want to play with colors then you can opt to light yellow color dress with a light black and yellow wedding theme embroidery on it. Maid of honors dress should be of a darker shade of bride’s gown and should be completely yellow to match with color theme. Footwear should be of light yellow for both bride and maids. For the bridegroom he can put on a light shade yellow shirt with black suit.

Bouquet has to be full of yellow color flowers and yellow should be the dominating color of decoration for the venue. Yellow table cloth for dining area, yellow candles, chandeliers etc. should match with the color theme.

Wedding cake no need to say that should have yellow shade of toppings with mix of black and white to contrast it with yellow color so it can shine more. There is plenty of wedding decoration ideas to have a yellow and black wedding theme all you have to do is to take full participation in the wedding preparation after all this is your; the most memorable day of life.

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