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Unusual Themes for Wedding Ceremonies

Unusual Themes for Wedding

During the current era, trend of themed wedding is increasing tremendously. There are many reasons for this increasing trend but here we are focusing on different themes for wedding ceremonies. Although, variety of themes are being practicing in different parts of the world but the basic aim of all the themed wedding is to add uniqueness in the special event of wedding. Themes leave happiest and joyful memories which make you laugh whenever you remind the events by watching geeky clips and photos. Basically, these are two main rationales for selecting themes for a wedding ceremonies. First is to add pleasure and happiness in the event and second one is to store wonderful memories for future. Here are some popular themes which you may be interested in.

 Ridiculous themes for wedding

 Ridiculous themes are more popular amongst the coupled, now a day. The basic aim of geeky themes is to add some stupidity in the ceremony for the enjoyment of guests. Usually ridiculous themes are successful for those ceremonies where there is less involvement of senior relatives. In other words, we can say that elders give free hand to youngster to enjoy the event. These themes include cartoon themes, Dracula themes, Hunger Games themes, Flintstones themes, Superhero themes and zombie themes etc. So, wedding ceremony looks like a game rather than a wedding. Ridiculous themes are more pleasurable because everyone attending the ceremony becomes the part of the game.

 Ridiculous themes for wedding

Adventure wedding themes

Adventure themes for wedding are more interesting and few people opt for such wedding themes. Only few couples opt for adventure themes because such themes do not look like wedding ceremonies. However, adventure wedding themes are extremely unique in nature. For example, you like jungle life and want to make your wedding in a jungle. So, limited people will be ready to join your wedding ceremony at that lonely place.

 Adventure Themes for Wedding Color themes weddings

Color wedding themes are very popular because colors themes are the modified form of traditional wedding. Presently, colors of wedding dresses are the main focus of themed weddings. Actually, color themes are easy to adapt because all the guests can easily arrange dresses of the specified colors. Selection of a specific color is easy and simple for couples and guests as well. Moreover, every participant of the event can adjust with color themes. Whether you want to add themes for seniors or kids, a specific color will spotlight your event. Just select a color which is near to your heart and also choice of your life partner.

Color Themes for Wedding

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