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Unsophisticated African Wedding Theme

Africa is the second largest continent and is famous for its attitude, living styles and customs present here. Generally Africans want to add their traditions in their all important celebrations. Marriage ceremony is an important occasion for all people of the world similarly Africans like to arrange this beautiful event in a traditional way. For invitation cards print the African heritage to express the African wedding theme. The pictures are also available of the famous places of Africa. Reception is the important area so garnish it with more concentration. Add the item of exchanging of fire because it is included in the tradition of the Africans.

african wedding theme

Rustic wedding themes are best for African marriages and you can use candles for the fire item and melt wax from each other’s candles into bridal couple’s candle that is the symbol of family unity. Add soul food in the menu of the wedding because it is the most important meal for any event. Catfish, chicken fried steak and root vegetables dishes, candied yarns, ice tea with lemon are the main dishes of the wedding menu. Do not forget to add these items because without these foods an African wedding can not be completed. Prepare soul food in the same way like Africans cook and definitely your guests will be happy when they will taste this special dish.

african wedding theme 1

In the arrangement of African wedding red wedding theme presents the extravagant look of the event. What you have decided for the wedding time? You will arrange it in the daytime or you are thinking to manage a night time party. In case of day time event only select light colors and be careful about the airy and cool setting. But for nigh celebration you are free to use vibrant colors. For table decoration, use linens and organza fabric whereas for night select velvet and silk tablecloth. Place centerpiece on every table of the wedding venue as it is the important decoration of a wedding venue.

african wedding theme 2

You can opt a village marriage style of Africa because it has also very charm and easily manageable in the limited budget. The overall setting of a rustic wedding does not take too much time and looks very beautiful. You can use home made garnishing items too for the event to create the real African look. Plan for this theme and make your important day most precious and full of pleasure.

african wedding theme 3

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