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Unique Wedding Shower Themes To Complement Your Wedding

Today, wedding showers are organized not only for the bride but for the groom also. Bridal shower is taken as special opportunity for the family members, friends and relatives to shower the couple with blessings, best wishes, wedding favors and love. As couple is going to start their new life, they need lots of love and respect from family members. Today, showers are decorated to give them perfect look and style according to couple’s personality. Unique wedding shower themes are just a beautiful way of creating memorable parties and moments that your guests remember for their lifetime.


Wedding showers are taken indispensable these days and they are arranged according to couple’s personality and style. Unique themes can be generated from a couple of events, sports or seasons. You can also take inspiration from wedding themes. In fact, it would be great if wedding and wedding showers both can share the similar themes. How to use similar theme for two events? Here we give you some unique ideas in brief.

Marriage preparation always starts with marriage invitation card. First of all, personalize a beautiful invitation card for your wedding and wedding shower. The invitation should be based upon particular theme. During wedding shower, offer heart shape cookies to the guests as wedding favors. You can also use spice jars for cookies and decorate it with red ribbon. The same trend can be used for beach wedding or Asian weddings.


For Asian wedding themes, decorate the table with white balloons and bamboo plants. You can also personalize the bamboo plants to give away as wedding favors. For beach wedding, offer some ice cream cones and cod drinks to the guests. If couple wants to take shower together then you have much more creative wedding shower themes to add on. If you are organizing your marriage in summer then you can plan for outdoor Barbecue. Don’t forget to prepare the shower around the theme or you can add some extra elements like sports, costumes, food items etc.


The main objective of unique wedding shower themes are to respect the feelings of the couple and honoring the life which they are going to share together. As long as your family members are with you, you don’t have to worry about anything. Don’t forget to enjoy this special day without taking so much stress. You can add certain elements to your wedding shower that should be surely appreciated by your guests.

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