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Unique Wedding Reception Themes That Are Different Yet Unique

When someone goes to a wedding, it is normally presumed that the place will be decorated in a manner that is pleasing to the eye and looks good to all the invitees as the families in question. Even though everything looks fantastic, it still retains the feeling of the "Been here, done that". That said, the trend is now changing, with about to be wed couples have decided to have a twist in the marriages so that the whole process is one to remember. Thus unique wedding reception themes come into picture.

Nowadays, there are unique wedding reception themes that cater to the interests and likes of the would-be couple. There are so many to choose from and there is also an option to make their own as well. However, the customized reception themes have to have more input from the couples so that their requirements are met.

There are a lot of unique wedding reception themes available nowadays, including some that have a flair for the most sought after because of their aesthetic sense. One of these that have captured the attention of the audience is the gold wedding theme.

Which color is known to be the sign of power and prosperity? Gold. The Concept of the gold wedding theme arises from the concept of all in one color where everything will have a touch of the magic color. From the florist to the floor, from the bridesmaid to the bride, the cutlery and the dishes all will be adorned in a golden glow. Even the food is kept in such a light that it appears to have a glowing touch to it. The invited guests are also highly recommended to wear something golden, so that the feeling of being in a golden wonderland is not tarnished. A popular idea that can be included is a unique wedding gown, tiara and veil by the bride for this unique wedding theme.

At times, even the look of the whole unique wedding reception themesare not enough; the feel of the event should also be affected. The family of the groom and the bride are known to have shaded their faces golden to look the part of "Golden Statues” to give the whole procession an interesting effect. There are times where the guests are given small gifts, where the contents of the gifts are gold related, either by color or by substance.

There are other colors that are able to complement the Gold color, and make it look more prominent and more beautiful. Those include colors such as black, purple and silver. Using them in a small dose in the purple and gold wedding theme, along with the golden base highlights the gold even more and makes the reception even more beautiful

In the end for your unique wedding reception themes, what matters is how the essence of the marriage was captured in the photographs as well as in the minds and memory of the two most important people in the entire function; the couple. If they are happy with how they are getting married, then the concept of a unique wedding reception theme is the perfect answer to their prayers.

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