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Unique Bridal Shower themes

When choosing a bridal shower theme, be determined to not only find a beautiful one but also one that is fun. This could be done by incorporating your favorite colors, interests and places as well. Here are some of the most unique shower themes that could make your party a treasure.

One, we have the bowling shower. This is an activity related theme and will ensure that most people are up and about the party. This actually reduces boredom and makes the party livelier. It can be a great idea to take the party to a bowling alley especially when the couple has a small apartment. There is no special skill required in bowling and this will see everyone’s participation. You can spice it up with tasty cheesy fried delights that are a characteristic of bowling alley cuisine or even can upgrade it with a more detailed menu.

Another unique and ice breaking shower is the yoga shower theme. Probably the bride is a yoga fanatic.  You as friends can help her enjoy this time by taking her to her most favorite gym and spend the shower there. You can as well invite a gym instructor to help in the yoga process. Also suggest to hi on how to relax the nervous kinds and those who never tried it before. Foods and drinks will include a healthy spa cuisine for the snacks or simply follow the virtue of just exercise to indulge the guests in some petite fours.

Also you can make the brides night complete by holding a pajama party shower. Here everyone arrives in their cutest pajamas carrying gifts to pamper the bride. The ladies then enjoy manicures, pedicures, massage as they enjoy their drinks and giggle the evening with hottest gossip talks. They can also indulge in fun party favors for example, personalized spa slippers, personalized bags and cosmetic cases.

Another simple yet interesting theme for a bridal shower is the lingerie shower. It leaves less to plan about except for laying out the candles and chocolate to set the mood. You can also lay out red floor pillows for the guests to lounge on. Similarly ask each guest to bring along a gift of lingerie for the bride and might also provide a scented sachet for each so that they can be easily tucked in her lingerie drawer.

Ensure all the elements in the bridals showers are feminine to give that particular outlook of a bride. Also include the bride’s favorite activities to make it more fun.

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