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Unique attire of Korean street fashion

People today are so much obsessed with dressing, make up and makeovers that it isn’t a big deal is you watch some person walking down the street loaded with some heavy branded stuff. Fashion around the globe is grooming every day but Korean street fashion has taken it to another level. The Koreans knows it clearly how to carry themselves up on the streets and that too by using some accessories and dresses but they blend it all up in such a way that it all can easily become a style statement. There is no limit to the theme; every season every trend is like a new theme.

The charm of Korean street fashion is the way people add colors to their everyday dresses. Usually girls go with short minis with skin tight leggings. The Korean girls have a different type of the body shape and curve so of course they dress accordingly that what brings out the beauty of their bodice. Firstly you will never find someone on a Korean street dresses all simple and casual. Even if a girl is wearing a simple knee length dress, she must be wearing a pea coat with it and a long chained shoulder bag to go with it. And that also doesn’t end here as you will catch her wearing a hat or some cool funky accessories to complete the look and of course a gorgeous make over to seal the look with a sparkle.

That’s the true beauty of Korean street fashion that even an ordinary guy or girl can dress up like a fashion icon and get a chance to show off on the streets. How guys take it to the roads is totally another wonder to ponder on. You will find two kinds of dressing style on the Korean street, that’s is, either a guy who’s got this jaggy look or a guy all smashed up in pure fashion and giving that classy look that normally guys crave for. Afro look is quite in for the Korean guys. Dresses in three piece dress or even just a vest over dressing shirt will get a signature look.

There are so many way in which he Korean street fashion is so different and unique. It’s one of its own kinds and definitely you won’t find such type in any other country. Fashion does not mean wearing costly brands with basically any sense of dressing. The Koreans clearly know how to put it all together and make even simple clothes look like a ramp walk kind of type.

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