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Unique & Different Wedding Theme Color Ideas

Let us discus some unique and different classic Wedding Theme Color Ideas to help couples who are considering a colorful theme for their special day. Choosing wedding Colors is a tricky job but with the perfect Color ideas and innovative thinking the entire wedding event can turn out to be a quite good affair. Color scheme needs to be the first and foremost decision that the couple needs to make as it influences the overall feel of the wedding day. In recent years bold colors have been the main trend but one need to carefully pick the right color for the big occasion. Before finalizing a color the bride and groom already have a favorite color in their mind. Here are few of the styles and ways that need to be considered for your wedding when you think of wedding theme color ideas. Prepare your wedding venue: - First create a backdrop of the venue of your wedding in your mind as it will directly influence the choice of the color for the wedding. If the venue is created with bright colors then you need to consider light shade of colors to maintain the balance or on the other hand if you want bold and brighter colors for the wedding then you need to consider a plane or simple venue for your wedding. Style of your wedding venue: - The style of your wedding venue also impacts the color choice of your wedding. If you have selected forest style or rural style then you need to consider flowery colors for your wedding. If the style is urban style then black or urban theme colors like brown/grey needs to be considered. Take inspiration from season: - Taking inspiration from the season is always an ideal option as different color schemes wok for different season, such as for spring season fresh greens, yellow looks amazing whereas for summer season pinks and pastel colors are an ideal choice. For autumn season weddings earthy and warm colors like chocolate brown or orange are perfect choice. To add to the chilling winter season blue with silver color addition or red with golden color combination provides warmth and cozy feeling to the wedding staged on wedding color theme ideas. More than one color: - Combining a milder color with a rustic or strong color always looks fashionable and effective. Keeping purple color as your accent color with combination of various shades such as yellow or lemon not only looks amazing but also add freshness to the entire Wedding theme color ideas. Concentrating at one element at a time: - Whether it is a fall wedding theme or any other always try to concentrate at one element at a time while choosing colors for your wedding theme. For example, if you wish to consider flowers first then concentrate on flowers and search for different flowers and colors.

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