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Uncommon Christmas Hats- The Santa Hats

There are different types of hats which are used generally. But for the Christmas occasion you can select Santa hats and it would be ideal for the preparation of Christmas event.  This hat is unique and prepared in red and white color in the conical shape. But you can change the style of these hats to change the trend.  Prepare many hats for your children and their friends too. This would be a better gift for your kid’s friend. Really it is an inexpensive gift item and will attract everyone in this way. Now start making Christmas hats by the help of some warm cloth because the season is of cold weather and the stylish hat will protect the children as well.

Decide the shape make one part of the same conical shape of Christmas hats as you have seen to Santa Claus. Another part of hat you will prepare in the shape of rectangle at the top side. Every procedure will be the same only you will cut the upper portion of hat in rectangle form. This rectangle will be in red color whereas the remaining hat will be of white color. In the upper part of the hat you will stick white real flowers in a beautiful way. Third part of the hat will be prepared by some different idea. Totally change the look of hat by dividing in two portions. One portion will be in the round or circle form while other part will be in hexagonal shape.

On every corner of these Christmas hats you will stick red flower because the upper portion is made up of white fabric. The lower part of the hat will be of the white color and the simple net lace will be use at the end side of the whole hat. Prepare lots of these hats because these are new in style and are very dazzling in appearance. Now you will bring some paper box for the packing of gifts of these hats for the friends of your kids. Keep single hat in single box, place some red and white flowers around hat. Close the box and cover a Christmas gift paper over it.

Similarly, prepare all Christmas hats and in the end place beautiful stickers of Santa Claus on every gift box. At the top of the gift box paste the picture of the child to whom it is given and it will be a noticeable gift for all of them. They will really enjoy this new type of gift.  When you celebrate the Christmas party for your children’s friend, say your child that in the start of the party give each box to every guy.

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