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Types Of Dress Codes Followed For Specific Events

Dress code has been observed for a long time to wear appropriate clothes for events, workplace, churches, or in school. The appearance of a person counts because it will show her taste and her personality. This will convey a message on how a person respects rules with regards to the imposed rules on dress codes. There are many types of dress code such as: business dress code, casual dress code and gala dress code.These types of dress codes are being followed not to be under dress or over dress in the place or event that you need to go to.

For business dress code, this applies to companies or businesses. They set rules to wear for their employees to respect the workplace and for them to be appropriately dress in business attire when they attend to their clients or customers. For a business dress code, you can wear a skirt with semi formal blouses or casual blouses. You can also wear a skirted suit or a pantsuit that is well tailored in black, navy blue or dark gray color. You must be well groomed, wear simple makeup and simple jewelries. For your footwear, wear cleaned closed or open toes high heeled shoes.

When you want to go out shopping, have coffee or watch a movie then wear a casual dress code. Be yourself by wearing jeans and printed t-shirts or tank top shirts. You can also wear colored denim shorts with chic casual blouses paired with sandals. Accessorize your attire to look fab by wearing fashionable bags and jewelries. To look more fashionable and have a modern look you can wear this Deluxe Short Sleeves Bat Sleeves Base Large Size Blouse or the Stunning Slim Laciness Low-waist Casual Pants.

Gala are special occasions or events like a wedding or awards night. For these events you want to look your best especially if you will attend a family wedding or your best friend's wedding. You do not want to offend the bride by wearing rugged clothes on her special day. There are types of dress codes when you attend the wedding because it depends on the wedding season like a summer wedding or a fall wedding. Always know the time, location and the theme of the wedding for you to dress up appropriately. In a daytime wedding you need to wear formal wear in light colored dresses. In nighttime wedding you need to wear long gown dresses or cocktail dresses in dark colors like black, dark blue or burgundy. Not to be out of place when invited to an occasion always looks at the types of dress codes in the invitation.

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