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Traditional Spanish Wedding Theme

spanish wedding theme 3

Each country has different traditions and lifestyles that reflect the way of living of that country. Spain is such a country which is unique for its customs and have unlimited attractions for their party. If you are thinking to adopt the Spanish wedding theme for your marriage it is really a booming idea especially if you are living in opposite area of Spain. Arrange everything according to the way of Spanish people to make your event impressive and rattling look. If you are going to prepare invitation of your marriage you can paste the popular places pictures on it or you can get print too such as Cuenca and lbiza etc. These are considered as the heritage of Spain and are famous throughout the world for charm present here.

spanish wedding theme

Now decide the wedding venue suitable to the Spanish ceremonies if you have religious mind and you want to start your life with the religious affect, the church is best. Here you will find everything already garnished and you do not need to do many arrangements even you have the option not to do any setting here. For an outdoor venue garden or park is best having Spanish style such as a ballroom with Spanish-tiled floors. This marriage idea is really unique wedding theme that will mesmerize every participant of the wedding. You can decide your occasion in a traditional Spanish restaurant where every decoration reflects the Spanish concept. For a great Spanish wedding orange blossom have the main importance therefore these are used in the preparation of bridal bouquet as well as for the table decoration or tiaras.

spanish wedding theme 1

Now a day the combination of white flowers and the rose garlands are selected for the embellishment of the entire environment. Coins are used historically as the couples wedding shower themes and thirteen coins are used in this custom from the groom to the bride. These are presented in a bag, tray or box as the sign of the groom’s commitment to his bride and to be devoted for the whole life. White silk bridal dress but the tradition of Spain is that the silk gown of any color and the lace veil of black color. A Spanish marriage has unlimited fun including dance party, playing of music, food etc and all form an entertaining environment. In the menu of your wedding food add seafood item, wines, sangria and the wedding cookies flavored with almond are very popular. The wedding cake is decorated with the fruits and almonds to give the traditional look of Spanish wedding theme.

spanish wedding theme 2

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