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Top Wedding Themes That Are Forever Favorites

People have different ideas, preferences about wedding themes. Usually to perform a wedding ceremony, people usually decide upon a theme so that they can enjoy the wedding in a best possible manner. Some of the top wedding themes are preferred by many people across the world and they plan to celebrate their wedding in a particular style and manner.

Some of the wedding themes are usually preferred by people and termed as top wedding themes are as follows:

a) Secret garden theme: Many people today love to celebrate their marriages secretly and do not want to get exposed to public. They believe that marriage is a secret activity. They secretly go into the gardens with the consent and notice of elders in the family and perform their marriages by loitering in the garden and discussing with each other about their life. They exchange their feelings with each other and enjoy a moment of togetherness. They pledge to each other about being together throughout their life.

b) Urban wedding: Still many people today love to celebrate their marriage with lots of pomp and show. They want to enjoy every comfort of marriage. They usually celebrate their marriages in church by performing dances, songs, and providing wine to the visitors. They also dress up in a typical bride and groom style and enjoy marriages with people.

c) Beach ceremony: Many people today love to celebrate their marriages near the beach along with beach theme wedding cakes. Many people are fascinated to the nature and beach is one of the most thrilling elements of nature. They enjoy their wedding in a beach by dressing up in a perfect groom and bride style and exchanging wine with each other. Such marriages usually take place by visiting some people near the beach and then tying a knot in a beach and pledging with each other. They can wonderfully communicate with each other and enjoy every moment of marriage.

d) Seasonal ceremonies: People enjoy in a best possible manner, utilizing the factors that are available during that particular season. For eg. If they are celebrating the wedding during autumn season, then they celebrate their marriages outdoors where the leaves are continuously falling apart from the trees and enjoy the edibles that are available during that season such as the gourd, apples, etc. and perform a good wheat-grass arrangement. During summer season, they enjoy the delicious cold drinks and enjoy the fruits and vegetables that are available during summer season.

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