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To create a casual style on weekends

As  a  woman,  I  am  always  not  satisfied  with  my  dress. I  don’t  know  do  you  have  the   similar  feel.

On  weekends,  we usually  want  a  casual  look ,but  at  the  same  time,   we  don’t  know  how  can  we  be  fashion  enough  when  we  pursue  a  casual  style. So  today  I  will  talk  about  this  topic  with  you.

jeans : https://www.tbdress.com/product/Charming-Pockets-Middle-Waist-Floral-Ripped-Jeans-10954228.html
bag : https://www.tbdress.com/product/New-Arrival-Simple-Crossbody-Bag-10486252.html
flats : https://www.tbdress.com/product/Sweet-Small-Toe-Simple-Style-Shoes-10642392.html

In  my  opinion, fashion  don’t  mean  that  we  wear  unique  style  clothes,  but  means  we  should  take  advantage  of  basic  style  clothes  such  as  jeans. The  ripped  jeans  showed  in  the  above  picture  is  a good  choice. Light  blue  color  will  contribute  comfortable  atmosphere  to  your  weekends. In  addition,  middle-waist  can  protect  you  from  getting  waist  diseases. In  order  to highlight  a  casual  look,  a  pair  of  sweet  shoes  is necessary. The  shoes  presented  in  the  picture  is  made  of  high-grade  PU  and  is  flat that  we will  not  feel  too  tired when  we  go  shopping  with  friends  on  weekends.  Besides, the  shoes  is  pointed  toe  which  can  be  worn  all  year  round  except  winter.

Matching  with  the  jeans  and  the  sweet shoes, I  suggest  you  to  try  the  morgan  tank  flower  cross  top  or  a  white T-shirt.  They  are  both  pure  color  that  is  in  accordance  with  our  leisure  theme. Furthermore,  in  spring  and  autumn,  if  you  need a  jacket  to  keep  warm,  you  can also  choose  the  white  jacket  or  the  black  blazer  in  the  picture.

As   we  all  know,  bag  can’t  be  forgotten  by every  fashion  girl. With  Crossbody  bag  becomes  more  and  more  popular,  Tbdress  puts  a  lot  of  attentions  on  Crossbody  bag. The  pure  color  bag  in  the picture  is  designed  by  our  best  designer. Besides, the  bag  is  contracted, so you  can  use  this bag  on  many  occasions.

I  don’t  know  whether  you  agree  with  my views. If  you  have  different  opinions,  please  contact  us.  I  will  consider  each  advice  seriously.

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