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Tips on choosing a mother of the Brides wedding Dress

When choosing the mother of the bride wedding dress, keep in mind that she should also look elegant since this is her special day too as she goes out to give out her daughter for marriage. Thus you should personally approach her and ask her what really complements her, what makes her uncomfortable, what she could wear and what she could not. That is, simply consider her personal style. She could be more traditional, thus you go for a long dress and a jacket for example or she could be the trendy kind thus you go for an edgy dress maybe with a little more pizzazz. Similarly select a dress that depicts the wedding theme and style. A modern themed wedding would obviously call the mother of the bride to be dressed in a modernly designed dress. Whereas a more tradition based wedding would call the mother to wear a more classic and redefined dress. Also make her happy and proud by incorporating something she likes into the wedding dress. This could be a pattern which she craves for, a hat she really adores or even a color she appreciates. You could also include one of her favorite flowers on the dress, could be a rose a cherry blossom and so forth. These unique details will make her feel special, beautiful and appreciated. Also choose a dress that complements the color scheme of the wedding. Her dress should mostly be similar in color with the bridesmaid’s dresses and any color trim on the grooms outfit. However it should not be the exact similar shade. This will give her a chance to look outstanding in the wedding party from the rest of the members. You should avoid colors like black and grey when choosing the bride’s mother dress. While in most cases they seem formal for elderly women in functions, they are extremely inappropriate for wedding occasions. Always ensure you choose lighter colors that are more celebratory. Also it would be best if you chose solid patterns other than the stripped patterns. Also keep the embellishments at a minimum level. Choose a dress that maybe has a lace, pearl or even beadwork. However ensure that her gown does not have more embellishments than the brides’ gown. That is, if the bride’s gown is simple and plain, her dress as well should be simple and plain too. With the above tips we can now be in a better position to choose which type of dress that one could purchase for the brides mother.

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