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Tips for choosing the perfect flower girl dress

As if choosing your own dress isn't enough of a task, you have to choose the perfect dress for your flower girl.  As with anything related to weddings, the key here is to match the dress.  Match your flower girl dress to your dress, to the rest of your wedding party's attire, to the venue, and most importantly to the flower girl's personality.  We've all heard the expression "a happy wife, a happy life," but when it comes to weddings, an unhappy flower girl in front of dozens, if not hundreds of watchful eyes can be utterly disasterous.  On the flip side, a beautiful little flower girl who's beaming and basking in the moment can really make for an extra special wedding.  Here are the top tips for choosing the best flower girl dress. 'Tis the Season Everything about your wedding, from its location to your menu will take into account the season during which your wedding will be held, and tailoring your flower girl's dress to the season should be no exception.  For examle, if you'll be holding your wedding outdoors during the spring or fall, consider that your flower girl might get chilly, so avoid sleeveless dresses if that's the case. Matching Gowns The flower girl's dress should be matched in some way to the the bride's dress and the bridesmaids' dresses.  Don't try to match the dresses perfecty, but play off a common theme, and use the flower girl's dress to complement yours.  Also, ensure that your flower girl's dress is colorful and plays off the themes of the season. Matching Body Type Remember that younger girls’ bodies are different than women’s bodies, thus dress styles that might look good on you won’t necessarily look good on your flower dress.  While you’ll want the style of your flower girl’s dress to match the style of your dress, make sure to find a style of dress that works for her body. Finding Comfort Young flower girls aren’t necessarily so discreet about discomfort caused by their dress as you might be, that’s why it’s important to find a dress that’s comfortable for her.  Because children are often a lot more sensitive to certain types of fabric than you are, it’s important for your flower girl to try her dress on and get accustomed to it before the wedding. Involving your Flower Girl Being a flower girl in a wedding is every young girl’s dream, but if you fail to involve your flower girl in the process, then you risk zapping the fun out of it for her.  Before choosing your flower girl’s dress make sure to get her opinion and find out what dress she enjoys the most.

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