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Finally you have decided to have a beach theme for your wedding, nice choice. But do you have any beach theme wedding ideas to host your bridal shower? If your answer is yes, that is a job well done, but if time is running out on you and you still have nothing yet consider the following. [caption id="attachment_10815" align="alignnone" width="550"]beach theme wedding beach theme wedding[/caption] A group of ladies in their favorite swim suits heading out to the blue waters on a boat or a yacht is not a bad idea. The distance of travel does not have to be a long one. Three to four hours of travel is ideal. While there you can bask in the sun to get a good tone, play some interesting games or just catch up with your girls. Remember to load up the boat fridge with a variety of soft drinks so everyone can share a toast to your happiness.  For an adventure filed trip, you can showcase your fishing skills (if you’ve got them) or you can all teach each other how to. [caption id="attachment_10816" align="alignnone" width="550"]beach theme wedding beach theme wedding[/caption] There is nothing more rewarding than to see that your closest friends and family are enjoying their time. So do not lock the door of exploration of the ocean, unless an activity will jeopardize all of your safety. Make arrangements to have a maritime tourist guide with you before you set sail. Scuba diving is an experience that will stick with you for a long time. Those among your crew that are not good swimmers should remain at deck. Your guide will help you with the diving gear and will be your lead so just follow him. I assure you that he/she knows the right places to take you for some good coral viewing. With the technology that we have today, a water-proof camera will capture those moments. [caption id="attachment_10817" align="alignnone" width="550"]beach theme wedding beach theme wedding[/caption] Having a pick nick at the beach is another magnificent idea for a beach theme wedding shower. Your maids will get the perfect opportunity for them to savor some mouth watering sea delicacies. However be mindful of those who do not delight in eating such menus. Have something else in the basket for them to enjoy. Forget about shopping at the mall, do beach shopping. There are so many things you can buy from the stalls at the beach. Sea shells can be used to make virtually anything and if you ask the attendant, they can make one just the way you want it.

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