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There is beauty can’t be refuse in the winter

Snow is the angel of winter, she has been quietly visited many foreign beauty, with unique white for the urban village turn white, pure but not drab white winter await the arrival of the guests all over. In order to meet the footsteps of winter, we can through the vast Sahara desert (the details), across the Himalayan mountain ridge. Holding yellow sand, a gust of wind blowing, the grains of sand are far away the white. Carefully consideration, sand and snow, already contains the whole world.--- There is beauty can’t be refuse in the winter


Winter's Swiss glassy, cool and refreshing lake brings visitors to awaken, stunning scenery is the snowy mountains and beautiful lake set each other off brightness. The famous glassy lake cruise, walked arm in arm amidst the natural beauty of lakes and mountains in the beautiful. The top, alpine snow all the year round, the middle one is don't turn green blanket of hillside, alongside a mountain red roof house strewn at random have send, The might be nature surrounding the stretching. In the set off of snow-capped mountains, waterside glassy more enchanting and moving, there is a unique appeal.--- There is beauty can’t be refuse in the winter

In addition, picturesque Swiss winter ski resort - tie mount and also notes allow to miss a station. At the top of the hill and the tie was snow cover, the mountain is ten thousand years glacier. Reach the top of the mountain cable car after the war, can enter the ice cave touch original ice, and through it to the south humanly scaled, overlooking the beautiful delicate; Can take "glacier FeiDu" hanging chair, leap glacier crack; Can glacier walk; There are various kinds of free snow toys let a person with addiction.--- There is beauty can’t be refuse in the winter


Whistler is located in British Columbia, Canada, to November in May, the whistler area will be thick pine covered with snow. Whistler is not only a Canadian winter tourism resort, is also the world's most famous ski resort, 2010 Canadian winter Olympic ski race is held in whistler.

Whistler distance only two hours' drive, through the name very poetic "sea" road can reach. On the way and will after scenery beautiful Alice lake and Shuan falls. Before long, reach 2010 winter Olympic Games host site and North America largest ski shrine, whistler ski resort. Whistler was black comb mountain and Whistler mountain surrounded, every winter, from all over the world gathered in the vacationers, let whole whistler area very lively.--- There is beauty can’t be refuse in the winter


In the coming year every November to April is the best season for traveling to Nepal. in the Himalayas valley, lying in the snow all the year round mountains and fish tail, alongside a charming lake, lush vegetation and magnificent snow mountain scenery form sharp contrast, become Nepal's most popular tourist spots.--- There is beauty can’t be refuse in the winter

mountains area mountain hiking is a world famous one of the items on foot, in the 2000 m to 4000 m area is of a series of different difficult mountain hiking route, can be in a different position to enjoy the Himalayan magnificent scenery. In snow mountain view point and milk river and take you to Dan.--- There is beauty can’t be refuse in the winter

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